Run Your Business Better With An OSS (Organization Success System)

The “People Process”

  • It is always about the people. Get this right, the rest will follow.
  • Everything is a process, and processes always deliver what they were designed to deliver.
  • The “People Process” is the heart of an organization.
  • “People Process” vs “Organization Success System” (OSS)?
    • Designed Foundational Process…
    • By Which Teams Of People…
    • Make Meaningful Progress…
    • Toward a Clear & Noble Purpose.

The Principles Of Getting Things Done – Like A Mapping App

We MUST Make Time To Do What Is Important
  • We cannot just give people more to do. They will eventually fail.
  • We cannot merge management & leadership
    • Management is doing the urgent.
      • Putting out fires. Scrambling.
    • Leadership is TPL – Thinking Planning & Leading.
      • Preventing fires. Continuously improving.
      • Methodically moving toward meaningful goals.
The Greater The Clarity, The Greater The Result
  • Tell your mapping app to take you “north”
  • Now have a friend drop you a pin at the restaurant parking lot.
Without Planning, A Goal Is Little More Than A Wish
  • Would you use your mapping app if it didn’t give you a route?
What Is Measured, Is What Matters & What Gets Done
  • Because the app measures your progress
    • You always know where you are
    • And how far you have to go
Communication Keeps Us On Course
  • Communicate past the point of annoyance
Systematic Accountability – Cuts Time To Completion By 50%
  • When accountability is “personality” driven it is VERY limited.
    • Subordinates of the person who is good at accountability
    • Turns into a buddy system
  • Systematic accountability is predictable and fair.

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